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The ST-69 (Type A) Clamshell  


The most popular clamshells designed for modern and vintage 6x9" carded figure lines.

Perfect For:

   • Star Wars Vintage Collection (modern Hasbro)

   • Star Wars Vintage (Kenner)

   • ReAction (Funko)

   • Star Wars Droid Factory (Disney)

   • Marvel Retro

   • GI Joe (Vintage & Modern)

NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN!  The ST-69 now fits more of your 6x9" carded figures!  We've re-designed the ST-69 to be the perfect clamshell for card and blister style figures.  The ST-69 (Type A) has more lip surface to hold your figures securely and is easier to use.

The ST-69 (Type A) is not compatible with carded figures with large bubbles that reach the edge of the card like Revenge of the Sith, Saga and Clone Wars lines.  Those will fit in the ST-69 (Type B) - coming in '22.

We are constantly test fitting new lines, so if you don't see a particular product listed, let us know and we'll see if it fits.




Overall Dimensions:  6.75"w  /  10.5"h  /  2.1"d

Inner Dimensions: 6.0"w  /  9.0"h  /  2.0"d


Now Clearer!

We've made the ST-69 clearer! We've kept the Micro-Beading for UV protection and made the finish cleaner, crisper and clearer! Check it out with the images below.