The HM-20 Clamshell  


The best clamshell designed for Masters of the Universe Origins & Masters of the Wrestling Universe figure lines.

Perfect For:

   • MOTU Origins - Mattel

   • MOTW - Mattel

   • MOTU Classics - Super 7

   • MOTU Vintage - Mattel

   • WW Super Stars - Mattel


Features our unique "Power Points" design for extra strength and stability.  The HM-20 is a long and thin clamshell above the bubble, so to help prevent warping and bending over time we've added structural support along each side.


We are constantly test fitting new lines, so if you don't see a particular product listed, let us know and we'll see if it fits.




Overall Dimensions:  6.875"w  /  13.5"h  /  2.5"d

Inner Dimensions:  6.25"w  /  11.5"h  /  2.5"d


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