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The ST-69 Acrylic Case (Regular Depth)  


Our new acrylic case designed for modern and vintage 6x9" carded figure lines.


Perfect For:

   • Star Wars Vintage Collection (modern Hasbro)

   • Star Wars Vintage (Kenner)

   • ReAction (Funko)

   • Star Wars Droid Factory (Disney)

   • Marvel Retro

   • GI Joe (Vintage & Modern)

The ST-69 ACRYLIC is designed to be the perfect case for card and blister style figures. Works with all 6x9" carded figures with bubbles that are less than 1.75" deep.

Includes our exclusive Lock Bar system.  The Lock Bar is a self-adhesive strip of acid-free, non-yellowing material that is installed once the figure is in place. (See directions below.)

We are constantly test fitting new lines, so if you don't see a particular product listed, let us know and we'll see if it fits.




Overall Dimensions:  6.9"w  /  9.75"h  /  2"d

Inner Dimensions: 6.7"w  /  9.4"h  /  1.75"d


Lock Bar System

Each ST-69 Acrylic comes with our exclusive Lock Bar System to lock figures in place once installed.  This non-destructive technique helps keep your carded figures from bowing or warping and ensures figures are properly protected.

Simply install the self-adhesive strip directly under your figure (just above the rail for the bottom slider) once it has been fully inserted into the case.  Once in place, press down on the the strip to make sure it is firmly in place.  Slide the bottom back in place and you are done!