We pride ourselves on the quality of our protectors, so if a clamshell doesn't meet our standards it gets put aside.  We are now offering these FigureShields at a reduced price.  Some may have bubbles or other imperfections in the surface, some might have scratches or scuffs, but they all still work to protect your figures.

So if you are looking for a solution to store your figures or if you just aren't picky about some imperfections in your FigureShields these are for you - and you'll save a few bucks!

NOTE:  All BLEMISH BIN sales are final - no returns.  The amount of imperfections will vary from each piece.

You'll find minor imperfections, but we will not send out broken, cracked or damaged FigureShield products - these are the same great products, just with a few appearance flaws.



We are busy filling orders and restocking the Bin all week long - so if something is sold out be sure to check back and you might just catch a great deal!

We've opened the Blemish Bin with stock of our most popular clamshells - the SW-40!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.