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The SW-40 DEEP is our in house "hack" to help protect the Return of the Jedi Anniversary Gamorrean Guard Black Series figure with deep bubble.

NOTE: The SW-40 DEEP is a 3 piece "telescoping" system made from custom cut SW-40 front panels.  This allows for a sliding, variable depth front panel that can hold the deep bubble of the Gamorrean Guard.  Please see the images for more information on how these work.

DIYers - you can make these yourself if you'd like - you just need 2 SW-40 fronts and 1 back.  You'll need to make some cuts to the front panesl (see images for samples).  We suggest using clear packing tape to seal the sides once the figure has been secured in the clamshell, but this step is optional.

Since these are made to order, please allow an extra 3-5 days for any order that contains SW-40 DEEP clamshells.


The FigureShield SW40 is custom fit for the Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6" vintage figure line.  These protective clamshells are made from durable, acid-free & UV resistant RPET that will protect your carded figures from warping, falls and other potential harm.  They are also great for storing your figures as they are stackable and can easily be placed in bins or boxes.


  • Protects figure and card
  • Prevents card warp
  • High-quality RPET 
  • Acid-free & UV resistant




FigureShield clamshells offer a middle ground option for collectors that don't want to spend upwards of $25 per figure for acrylic cases and would like more protection than simple plastic boxes offer.


Figure shown only for example purposes and is not included.  While FigureShield clamshells have UV resistant properties, it is not recommended to keep figures and other collectibles in direct sunlight or fluorescent light.

SW-40 DEEP FigureShield Clamshell -Singles

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  • We do offer direct purchase on our site but the shipping rates listed are based on estimates to different areas - we can offer much better shipping rates when we have your postal code.  If you'd like to receive a custom shipping quote simply fill out the form found here.


    Shipping charges do not include any import fees or taxes, customers will be responsible for those charges.

Our Micro-Beaded surface offers a layer of protection not found with other clamshells.  The surface has a slight “frosted” appearance that REFLECTS and DIFFUSES harmful UV rays. The majority of the UV Rays are reflected away from figures, and the UV Rays that do make it through are diffused, helping to keep your collectibles safe from these harmful rays.   Premium grade, acid-free PET makes our clamshells tough and resilient to cracking and protect your figures from dents, dings and other potential harm.


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