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Now you can protect all of your regular release Star Wars Black Series figures with our DFR-1 Deflectors!  We have unique designs for each of the different box types. 


Pre-order now and save 15% with code: NEWDFR15

shipments start approx. Nov. 5th, 2020


Welcome to FigureShield - home of the original custom fit protective clamshells for your action figures.  Our first FigureShield is the SW40, made specifically for Hasbro Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Vintage figures.

• We now have 3 DFR-1 Deflector Boxes for Star Wars Black Series!

• The New MTB-1 clamshell for Retro Marvel Legends- IN STOCK   Check them out.


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NOTICE: The SW-40 is the clamshell you are looking for! Protect your 20th Anniversary Star Wars Celebration Darth Maul and Obi Wan figures from Hasbro and the new ESB 40th Anniversary figures.  In Stock & Shipping Now!



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The ML-10 Clamshell

Our most versatile clamshell yet! Works with Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, PowerRangers, WWE Elite, Star Wars Archive (Black Series), and more! 

The ST-69 Clamshell

Perfect for your Vintage Collection Star Wars figures from Hasbro and your vintage Kenner figures!

The SW-40 Clamshell

The #1 clamshell for Star Wars 40th Anniversary and 20th Anniversary TPM Black Series figures!

The MTB-1 Clamshell

Now you can protect those gorgeous Retro Marvel Legends in style! 

DFR-1 Orange/Blue Deflector

Perfectly sized deflector cases specifically designed for Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Orange & Blue line figures from 2013-2015.

DFR-1 Red Line Deflector

Perfectly sized deflector cases specifically designed for Hasbro Star Wars Black Series red line figures from 2015 - current.

DFR-1 2020 Deflector

Perfectly sized deflector cases specifically designed for Hasbro Star Wars Black Series 2020 line figures.


Don't just take our word for why we think FigureShield is the best option for protecting your collectibles - check out these reviews!


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